Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Self Pity Party - Week 6 Hip-Hop Special

So after a short break I return with a hip hop special edition of the Self Pity Party on its new slot of Tuesdays. I didn't like it on Sunday night, not a great night for the theme I think. Don't want to feel that down before Monday morning, for that way madness lies. So onwards. Let's start big.  

That was The Weeknd with "Wicked Games". Now anyone that knows me and my music tastes know I absolutely love The Weeknd, so the fact it's taken this long for me to put him in one of these is amazing. This was the debut single for the Canadian superstar and what a single. If you haven't heard his whole album by now i recommend it. You need it in your life!

Next we turn it up a notch, Jhene Aiko with "Lyin King". Here is another artist that i cannot get enough of, I've got everything she's done and if you could wear out mp3s like a cassette tape I would have with hers.

"You & Me" by Marc E. Bassy feat. G-Eazy. This song has so much going for it, good vocalist, hook that is catchy as hell, an awesome dub drop and a rapper you've never heard of. What more could you want in a song? The chorus line is such a wonderful description of a familiar awkward situation.

This is Fort Minor and "Where'd You Go. I've hopefully made it link a minute into the song, i'm sorry if it didn't work. Many will recognise the lead of this band as co-lead vocals of Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda. With the way life seems to turn out so many people have to work away from their families for whatever reason. Things can get so busy we can forget to tend to the people we work so hard to provide for.

"The Worst" Jhene Aiko. Ok so I squeezed a second song by her in. I couldn't help myself, she just sounds so good. That's all there is really to say, it's a great song and I wanted it on the list.

That was Phonte with 'The Good Fight'. I've got a soft spot in my heart for rap that describes everyday life that isn't shooting people or getting high. The schemes in this song are so smooth, they tell a great story people can totally get behind. Not to mention his flow is great.

So there ends this hip hop special on a cold Tuesday evening. I hope you've enjoyed these tracks, and will come back next Tuesday for the next installment of the self pity party.

Just here saying relax and take a breath, don't worry, you can handle it.

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