Sunday, 21 August 2016

Self Pity Party - Week 5

Welcome to another week of sad songs and melancholy music, just squeezed it in on time. This week I've chosen 6 tracks. It just felt right when I was going through my tracklist of potential songs. It's a bit of a breakup related night tonight with songs detailing after a breakup when you still feel for them, the realisation of loss and of taking someone for granted once they've left, the absence of conversation and friendship after a breakup, the thoughts of "what if?" when you are alone, finally accepting that you have to let them go and move on and then ending with hopefulness for the future. 

That was Weeping Willows with "The Burden". The Weeping Willows are a Swedish indie band who, as of 2006, were the 99th most successful band in Sweden. Most of their songs are about heartbreak and unhappiness in love. My kinda band.

Passenger with "Let Her Go (acoustic)". I find it amusing that this song for British artist Passenger became a hit in the Netherlands, getting to No. 2, before it became one in the UK (and a heap of other places). I chose this acoustic version over the radio release for two reasons, firstly most people who know the song will have only heard the normal one and I want people to hear new things and secondly done acoustically I find it's just utterly devastating.

"We Don't Talk Anymore feat. Selena Gomez" by Charlie Puth. Until researching for this blog I didn't realise it was Selena Gomez on this track with him. Apparently her vocals were recorded in a closet and in only 15 minutes. For a song with a sad subject matter it's really catchy.

Keith Urban and "Now I Wanna Cry". I think this is the first appearance of a country song on this blog. With the amount of songs of loss and heartbreak in that genre that's pretty surprising. Also surprising to me is that it isn't your usual american country since it's written and performed by a New Zealander.

"Start Again" by Conrad Sewell. Originally the song was co-written by Sewell as a potential track for Kylie Minogue but it was rejected. Thankfully as I don't think this song would have been anywhere near as good as it is if it had been done by her. Sewell said in an interview that he performed the song just in one take, the emotion just took hold and carried him away. It really shows.

And this week finishes with "Tomorrow Is Going To Be Better" by Joshua Radin. This is the first time an artist has a second track on this blog, not surprising it's Joshua Radin since I love him and his music. I added this one in mainly because I couldn't bring myself to end on such a downer but also because a very important part of heartbreak and loss is understanding that tomorrow is going to better.

Life goes on and pain fades. We just have to make sure we manage to get ourselves there.

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  1. nice collection - like the mix of ones I know and an intro to new material to me