Thursday, 14 July 2016

New blog announcement

A long time ago I fell in love with a radio show called The Musical Hot Water Bottle on Sunday nights with the amazing DJ Annie Mac. I was a faithful listener for many years, looking forward to that show on Sundays between 22:00-00 :00 (later it ran 22:00-01:00). It got me through many a terrible week and also was a lifeline after a very terrible break up.

Annie Mac has since moved on to doing the weekly new music show which is great in it's own right but it isn't a touch on the MHWB.

In the MHWB she had a feature I adored called The Self Pity Party. Four to five songs that were a little depressing or would pull your heartstrings. Songs about love, loss, pain and other things of that ilk. She billed it as a time during the week for everyone to stop feeling strong, stop putting on that brave face and to just have a little break down and let it all in and let go. Maybe have a little cry, maybe a little scream. A bit of cathartic letting go.

While her chillout show might live on with another host in the same time slot, the features that made that show didn't live on. I hope she wouldn't mind me appropriating the segment title, I think she might even approve of something she started living on with the same spirit she intended. 

I think I miss this feature more than I miss any other from the show, when it went off the air I really had to find time to do the same thing for myself. I started making mini self pity party playlists just for myself so i could vent and let go, if only for a moment. I still make them, not weekly any more (or sometimes daily in times of real troubles) so I thought why not make a blog out of them for other people to potentially enjoy. 

So to draw this ramble to a close, starting on the 17th I will be doing a 4-5 song post every Sunday called The Self Pity Party. Some will have themes, certain genres etc but all with the same theme. 

This weekend will just be a quintessential mix, 5 songs that really encompass the mix itself. Hopefully from there I will start to populate the blog with other things but that's getting ahead of myself. 

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